Who and What are you agreeing with?

Whenever two or more come together and agree upon a positive or spiritual idea, that which they agree upon cannot help but be expressed.

That is a powerful principle. It reminds us that no matter what the circumstances look like at the moment, when two or more come together to agree on a God inspired idea, it will happen.

There is a story about Father Arseny, an orthodox Russian Priest and known as the father of Russia. Father Arseny spent over two decades in Stalin’s death camp. According to the historical account, he broke up a fight between a young political prisoner named Alexei and a notorious criminal who was under special protection and was never to be touched.

Despite the apparent unfairness, Father Arseny and Alexei were put in solitary confinement. The confinement was in a building outside the prison in which the temperatures were below freezing. No one had ever survived beyond two hours in such conditions. So essentially they were being banished to death.

While in the room, Alexei asked Father Arseny, “What are we going to do?”. And Father Arseny said, “We’re going to pray.” Alexei was dumbfounded by such a suggestion because he was certain they would be dead in a couple of hours.

Nevertheless, Father Arseny began to essentially pray these words – “Whenever two or more are gathered together in the name and nature of Spirit, God is amongst us. We are in prayer now.”

Father Arseny prayed this prayer without ceasing and eventually Alexei joined him in that prayer prayer.

At one point Alexei was so weakened to by the subfreezing temperatures and lack of food and water, he fell onto the bed. But he continued to utter the prayer.

At one point Alexei looked in Father Arseny’s direction and saw other people around him ministering to him. He thought he was hallucinating. Then the room felt like he was in a church that he recalled going to with his grandmother when he was a young boy. Suddenly he felt the warmth of that church.

Alexei didn’t know how long they were praying, but two days later he and Father Arseny were still in prayer.

They could hear two guards outside the door talking about who was going to take the bodies outside so they could be buried. They were arguing as to who was going to blamed for their demise and who was going to have to answer the authorities for causing the Priest’s death.

When the guards unlocked the door and went in, Father Arseny and Alexei were standing. The guards were shocked since no one had ever survived more than two hours in such conditions and this was two days later.

The guards decided to search them. They were certain there was some reason they lived.

They found nothing out of the ordinary except when they touched them their skin it was warm. It seemed like they were in a heated room.

The guards asked them, “How did you survive?”. And Father Arseny said, “The presence of God saved us. Spirit did this.”

The guards were so nervous and unsettled by this, they just quickly ushered the two men back into the general population with the other prisoners.

Whenever two or more are gathered together and agree on a life affirming idea, it will lead to a results that seem miraculous. In the case of Father Arseny and Alexei, it  changed the circumstance from  subfreezing temperatures to an awareness that they were standing in the midst of something beyond words and all was well.

Whenever we are surrounded by seemingly impossible conditions – mentally, emotionally, physically, financially – and don’t know how to get out of it, we have to begin to come together in consciousness on the new possibilities.  When we do, the seeming miraculous happens.

This is called entering a field of agreement.

To enter that potent field, we come together and agree until there is an alignment in consciousness. Then we don’t move until that agreement is anchored in our minds and hearts as well as that of the presence of pure Spirit.

When that field of agreement happens, the presence of God will stand in the midst of us and make a way out of seemingly no way. It will clothe itself to become whatever is necessary for our next step of evolution for our individual lives, our communities and our world.

Such is the power of entering a field of agreement.

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