Powerful Beyond Measure Audio Series:
Harness the Power within You!

Within you is all that you need for success. But you must know and practice the timeless spiritual laws that govern your life. Regardless of where you may find yourself right now or what your past experiences may have been, when you apply these universal laws to any area of your life — personal or business — success will follow.

In these inspiring, humorous and practical audio recordings you will discover:

  • How to use your faith faculty to unleash your potential;
  • Why the Universe is just and things don’t just happen;
  • How giving can activate the flow of abundance;
  • That it is a myth that life is meant to be hard;
  • That your Intention will mobilize unseen forces that support you;
  • That detachment from a particular goal can actually mean greater good for you; and
  • Why accessing your purpose is the key to real success.


Liberate Your Spirit Video with James Trapp and Michael Beckwith

Liberate Your Spirit, part talk show, part confessional and all soul, helps you discover your place in the universe and how to live the life of your dreams.

Dr. James Trapp is one of three powerhouse spiritual leaders who unveil the true strength and potential that is hidden within each of us.

Through gripping tales of triumph and transformation, Liberate Your Spirit reveals a new paradigm that offers success and fulfillment where traditional theology and outdated concepts of God have failed.

In a panel discussion that includes bestselling author and modern mystic Michael Bernard Beckwith, inspirational speaker and former President of Unity Worldwide Ministries Dr. James Trapp reveals how he went from success to losing everything before discovering his true path.