Overcoming Adversity

We have all had obstacles to overcome in our lives. It is part of being human. The trick is to not let our adversity define who we are or limit who we can become. In fact, our adversity can help us grow, if we approach it in the correct way.

What do I mean? How we look at a situation really determines what it is going to be for us. In other words, our interpretation or perception of our situation informs how we respond to it. If you’re facing adversity, or a setback, or so-called failure, these obstacles can serve as stepping stones for future opportunities. In fact, you may not have gotten these opportunities if you hadn’t had the experience.

In order to achieve this, you have to take the reins. I see it all too often: People will let their history dictate what their future will be rather than saying: Well, here’s the future that I want, and I need to operate from that and let that pull me to the experiences that I want to have now. People tend to have a default way of responding or reacting to the current reality based upon what has happened in the past.

This requires a great deal of awareness: We have to recognize where our past may be dictating our future, actively seek to set that aside, and say: Well, here’s the future that I want … and begin to ask ourselves: If I want this future, how would I act in order to bring it about?

Here are some steps to approach this: One is accepting where you are. Two is, in the present moment, feeling as if you already are where you want to be — and acting from that feeling. Three is getting people around you who can hold the belief, support you and help you see the possibilities.

I believe that the most important criteria for moving from where you are to where you want to be is the energy and the emotion you bring to making the change. They have to be stronger than the desire to stay in the circumstances you are in.

Once you get that emotion in play, then you start making the shift where you begin to see all the things that will support you to get there. You’ll start almost attracting all the things that will support you: whether it’s people, resources or ideas. You’ll be a magnet of that attraction because your energy and emotions are dominating your energy field in that area, as opposed to reinforcing the negative energy you have around what’s going on.