Do this and goodness will track you down!

They who give have all things, they who withhold have nothing.”

Hindu Proverb

As I reflect on that proverb, I recall when my son Jaelan was very young. I took him to Chuck E.  Cheese. It’s a place with a lot of rides for little kids. You go in and buy some tokens for the kids, and then they can go on different rides or play various games. After each ride or game, coupons are given to them,  and if you collect enough, they can exchange  the coupons for more tokens.

While Jaelan and I were walking around, he crossed path with a young girl who was next to one of the rides. She didn’t have any money or any tokens. So Jaelan just gave her a token. And she went on the ride.

We went about our business.  A few minutes later, the young girl tracked us down. She came running over and gave Jaelan the coupons she had collected as a result of going on that ride.

Jaelan had unknowingly activated the spiritual law of giving or circulation. When we practice that law, goodness and mercy track us down to give us our own good in life.

There is a wonderful statement from Imelda Shanklin’s book, What Are You? that says, “Never want for another person what you would not want to see objectified in your own life.”

Conversely, whatever we want in our lives, we should want everyone – even our so called worst enemy – to have it. Since we are one in the spirit and in spirit there is no separation, whatever we give to anyone else, we give to ourselves.

Put another way, we keep everything we give away. This is how the law of giving or circulation works – something moves through a circuit and comes back to its starting point.

There is a statement in Ecclesiastes that reminds us we are to “Cast your bread upon the waters. In a short period of time, it will return unto you.” So we ask, “What bread have I cast upon the waters lately? What have I circulated?”

People sometimes say, “My good is not coming. Nothing is happening. What is going on?”

Perhaps they should pose the questions, “What have I circulated, lately? What bread have I cast upon the waters?” We only get back what we cast upon the waters and nothing else.

Bread means “universal substance.” And water equals the sea of infinite possibilities, infinite potential. We are to cast our bread on the infinite possibility daily.

What we cast upon the waters returns to us multiplied, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

If we do not cast any bread, we do not get any. If we do not cast any love, we do not get any love. If we don’t cast an emanation of peace, we do not get an emanation of peace. This is a universal law. We are either circulating or stagnating.

It’s up to us.

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