Personal Development

This is where spiritual principles come into play to help you negotiate life from a higher spiritual perspective. Every challenge we face is really giving us a message about how it is that we are transcendent spiritual beings. What matters are the questions you ask and the actions you take.

For example: How do you deal with conflict or challenges with other people? What’s beneficial for you? What’s beneficial for the other person? What’s beneficial for the organization? How do you create a group of people around you that will help you become successful? There is a common thread in all of these questions: They are about helping your co-creators be uplifted and energized and feel good about what they’re doing.

To keep that type of environment requires careful inner examination. Think about how you express gratitude to the people around you so that they feel appreciated. Those who are feeling appreciated will do more for you than even a raise can do for their productivity.

Further, people like to be able to develop their own skill sets. I believe that each skill set affords folks the opportunity to learn and develop in their area of expertise, or even areas outside of it. They can then come back and share that with co-workers, enriching the collaborative environment. You have to create a space where you’re constantly celebrating successes that individuals have within the organization and letting them be known throughout the organization, energizing the people in it.