Leadership Development

No one person has all the answers. There used to be a time when things were simpler and people looked to a leader who had known the answer to every challenge or difficulty or question and knew what direction to take and how to direct their followers to do it.

These days, leadership has taken on a different quality: It is collaborative. It is the ability to unite others with a common idea and the capacity to draw from them their skills and abilities in such a way that they will contribute to the creation of a common goal.

In order to lead effectively, it is crucial to understand that leadership is a project in the co-creation of the future. The projects and ideas that people help co-create, they are going to help support. It’s that simple, because they have a stake in the outcome. They’ll support it with their energy, their time and their talent, beyond if they were simply being told how to do something.

Second, a leader must have a dynamic spirit. This is the ability to dynamically steer and navigate changing terrains that are moving around us. This is the capacity for adapting and thriving in changing environments and circumstances. Never mind the 10-year plan. What is the six-month plan, and will you be comfortable with diversions and alterations in that plan, if they arise? A true leader is at ease with changes as they come up.