Are You Asking the right questions?

Judge a man by his questions, rather his answers.

Francois Voltaire

There is power is asking ourselves the right questions.

A close friend of mine who found himself repeating behavior that he knew was not in his best interest, asked me, “Why do I keep doing the things that I do?”

My response was the answer to that question was beyond my surface mind’s ability to know and perhaps someone with psychological training would be better suited to help him find an answer to his question.

However, the question did remind me of the statement attributed to the Master Teacher, Jesus: “Ask and it shall be given to you”. It also brought to mind the importance of asking right questions because the quality of the answers we ask, determine the quality of the answers we get.

Albert Einstein once remarked that if he had an hour to solve a problem, he would spend 55 minutes formulating the right question. He knew the power of asking the right questions.

So rather than ask “Why do I do the things that I do?” Perhaps a better question is “Why did God create me?”

When we answer the latter question, we move closer to living our heart’s desire. When we live our heart’s desire, we not only do what is ours to do, we evolve into being our best selves. As a bonus, we fully enjoy the experience along the way.

Moreover, by answering that question a transformational shift begins to take place in our life.

On the other hand, when we ask why we do the things we do, it moves us out of the boundless realm of Spirit and into the limited realm of our human experience. In that limited realm, we are more likely to experience a sense of separation from universal presence of God.

From that sense of separation, very educated people write dissertations and books seeking to explain why we are stuck and why we continue to do the things that keep us stuck.

This is often good information in helping us understand why we do the things that we do and can be  quite helpful.  However, such information is not necessarily transformational.

We can balance such information by asking “Why did God create me?” When we do, it moves us out of our history into the the realm of the God presence that has no beginning or end. In that space, Spirit speaks through us and re-qualifies our lives so that we are delivering the song of our soul.

As we questions along the lines of “Why am I here?” or “Why did God Create me?” an energy takes us over and transforms the places in our lives that look negative and gives us the qualities and the strength to deliver the spiritual good that we are here to deliver.

So practice asking yourself the highest and best questions you can. As you do, you come in alignment with your purpose and the great mission for your life.

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