“A true spiritual warrior, James Trapp is a beacon of hope, inspiration and wisdom in a world that needs it.”
Randy Gage
Author, Risky Is the New Safe

“When James Trapp speaks, the world changes. His powerful messages of Truth awaken an audience to the healing power of forgiveness. James motivates through his quiet strength and unerring thoughtfulness in his talks, books, podcasts and other transformational products. To read James, to hear James, to see James is to love James. To meet James is to meet yourself, as he provides a mirror into your highest and best self, offering a pathway to a life of limitless possibilities. He is the real deal, right up there with the great spiritual leaders of our time.”
LeGrande Green
Four-time Emmy winner and former supervising producer
of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” Founder of Spirit MediaWorks

“Reverend Trapp, you have led so many people to discover and explore their true spirituality and their place is this gorgeous world we live in. You have given us gifts of forgiveness, peace, understanding, wings to fly, keys to the Kingdom and more. To anyone who knows you, your presence alone reminds us how blessed we are as Children of God and how possible it is to be our best.”
Nicole Henry
Recording Artist

“Rev. James Trapp models the spiritual principles that he teaches. He is a wise soul with a deeply compassionate spirit. James is also an excellent speaker and a gifted storyteller. His messages always motivate me to action.”
Charlotte Shelton, EdD
President & CEO
Unity World Headquarters

“James Trapp is a mystic and a visionary. His gentle style is warm and welcoming, and his long-term vision for the future of Unity and New Thought is inspirational.”
Cindy Wigglesworth
Author, SQ21: The Twenty-One Skills of Spiritual Intelligence
President, Deep Change, Inc.